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Which Banks Sell Stamps Over The Counter And Through ATM's (2020 Guide)

Over the last few years banks have started offering postage stamps either over the counter or directly from an ATM. ATM's are usually located in convenient locations, are available 24/7 and can withdraw the money straight from your account so you don't need to carry cash. The only issue is finding an ATM or bank branch that sells stamps as not all of them do. One of the easiest ways to check is to download your banks mobile app. Their ATM search functions usually allow you to search specifically for ATM's that can sell stamps.

The Following banks sometimes sell stamps enter your postcode or city below, hit enter and find your closest banks.


Bank of America:

While still being a branch by branch proposition if you're looking for stamps than Bank of America is probably your best bet. The Bank of America app lets you search specifically for ATM's that dispense stamps. You can download it from the app store here.

Wells Fargo



Key Bank:

US Bank: