Which Banks Sell Stamps Over The Counter And Through ATM’s (2021 Guide)

Over the last few years banks have started offering postage stamps either over the counter or directly from an ATM. ATM’s are usually located in convenient locations, are available 24/7 and can withdraw the money straight from your account so you don’t need to carry cash. The only issue is finding an ATM or bank branch that sells stamps as not all of them do.

One of the easiest ways to check is to download your banks mobile app. Their ATM search functions usually allow you to search specifically for ATM’s that can sell stamps.

Wells Fargo

With more branches than any other bank in America Wells Fargo is your best bet when it comes to buying stamps. You can buy individual stamps from all branch locations and they continue to roll out more ATM’s where you can buy stamps directly. See our full Wells Fargo guide here.

Fifth Third Bank

Another bank offering stamps from both ATM’s in from your local branch Fifth Third bank may not have the sheer number of stores as Wells Fargo but with 1200 branches across 10 states they are becoming more common every year. Click here to read our full guide on Fifth Third Bank.


With 1200 branches spread across 15 states if you bank with KeyBank you can pick up stamps at any of their branches. At the moment they only offer stamps through their branches but hopefully they will add stamp dispensing ATM’s soon. See our full guide here.

Banks That Do Not Sell Stamps

There are a number of banks that do not sell stamps but we thought it would be worth noting two major banks that don’t to save you some hassle.

Chase Bank

With the second most branches in America it is unfortunate that JP Morgan or Chase don’t sell any postage stamps from their branches or ATM’s.

Bank Of America

You would think that the Bank of America would sell stamps but unfortunately they do not. None of their ATM’s or branches stock stamps that are available for purchase.