Can You Buy Postage Stamps From BP Gas Stations?

BP Service Station

BP is one of the largest companies in the world. With nearly 75’000 employees and annual revenue close to 250 billion per year it’s no surprise you can find a BP gas station just about anywhere in the United States. The issue with buying postage stamps however comes from the fact that a large number of the service stations are independently owned so the sale of postage stamps is up to the discretion of the individual owners. I emailed their head office to see if they had any additional information on the number of locations that sell stamps or if they encourage store owners to stock them. You can see their response below:

Dear Ashley,

Thank you for taking the time to email us. We are always pleased to hear from our valued customers.

Please be advised that stations are independently owned and operated. We would suggest that you visit the station directly for further assistance.

Once again thank you for your recent email and we hope we have been of service to you.

Thank you for your business.
BP/ Consumer Relations | USA

As you can see it didn’t explain much that we didn’t already know. From my experience you can buy postage stamps from most large BP gas stations but it’s always worth popping in and asking a local store to see if they have any for sale.

What kind of stamps can you buy from BP?

BP service stations will most likely sell USPS Forever stamps meaning they have no denomination listed on them. The benefit of these is that they are valid forever and they are valued at the current price of stamps. So if the price of standard stamps increases your stamps automatically increase as well. Most BP stations will be unable to sell you a single stamp, most will come on sheets which are made from 20 individual stamps.

Sending Stamps From A BP Gas Station

Lots of large gas stations now have USPS drop-boxes installed making sending a package a very easy process. Just keep your eye out for the different colored boxes with either the USPS logo or a FedEx logo and make sure you have enough stamps attached for the letter or package to be sent. If your closest BP gas station does not have any drop boxes you can also ask the attendant to add your letter to their outgoing mail pile. This does of course mean trusting them with your letter so it is not recommended that you do it with anything important.

Other Gas Stations

If your local BP gas station does not sell postage stamps be sure to check out some of the more consistent places to buy stamps here or check out our section on other big gas stations including Chevron, Texaco and a whole lot more.