A Guide To Buying Stamps At Kwik Trip (Aka Kwik Star)

Kwik Trip Gas Station

With over 500 locations throughout Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa Kwik Trip and its subsidies are great locations for buying stamps throughout these states. Most gas stations are individually owned so the sale of stamps are up to the owners of each individual store however Kwik Trip is one large convenience store chain so I decided to send them an email and see what they offer.

Good Morning Ashley,

Thank you for reaching out to Kiwi Trip inquiring about stamps. All of our locations do sell stamps. Each stamp is $.50 each or $9.00 for a sheet of 18 stamps. They can be purchased individually, or any quantity you need.

I am not sure which locations have a USPS drop box. Some locations do but not all of them.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Thank you,

We are in luck. All Kwik Trips throughout the country (and their affiliated companies including Hearty Platter, Tabaco Outlet Plus, and Kwik Star Express) have postage stamps available.

What kind of stamps do they sell?

From the email above it looks like they sell Forever stamps for 50c each. They also sell individual stamps which is quite uncommon for a gas station so if you only need one or 2 stamps they are one of the best places to go. They are open far long than USPS outlets and are also open all weekend so they really are a convenient place to pick some up.

Can you send a letter from Kwik Trip?

Only some Kwik Trip locations have USPS drop boxes. Chances are they would be in big locations on highways or major roads. If you have no other option you can also ask the receptionist to add your letter to their outgoing post which I have done a few times in the past without any issue (I wouldn’t recommend doing this with anything important).

What else can you buy from Kwik Trip?

Apart from the obvious being gasoline and diesel Kwik Trip convenience stores also offer standard gas station food (hot dogs, bottled drinks etc) as well as often have a small grocery section including fresh fruit and vegetables, bread, milk as well as a frozen food collection. If you are driving a truck or camper-van most Kwik Trip locations offer overnight parking as well as toilet and shower facilities. After doing research on Kwik Trip for this webpage the next time I’m traveling through a state with Kwik Trip locations they will definitely get some business from me. Their social programs and high level of customer service (answering an email about stamps within minutes) has me sold.