A Guide To Buying Stamps From Meijer Stores

Meijer Gas Station

Short Answer: Yes

With around 500 large stores around the country Meijer is a very convenient place to buy postage stamps when you need them. They have long hours, are often in shopping distracts which you likely need to go to anyway and on top of that they also offer a number of USPS services from their store.

Post Office Services Offered By Meijer

Not only does Meijer sell postage stamps they also work in conjunction with the USPS offering several postage services. These include the following:

The sending of Priority Mail
Registered Mail
Certified Mail
And the sale of postage stamps (please note that they do not sell individual stamps only sheets of 20)

These services can be accessed between 8am and 10pm at the service desk of your local Meijer store.

Number Of Locations:

Throughout the United States Meijer owns and operates 240 supercenters as well as 200 gas stations throughout the country. The majority of stores can be found around Michigan however they can also be found in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, and Wisconsin. These stores generate nearly 16 billion in revenue each year and allows the company to employ nearly 80’000 people.

History Of The Brand:

Meijer began in 1934 by Hendrik Meijer, a barber who entered the grocery business during the great depression. His son and later his grandsons would continue to run the business that has grown to what we know today. From its humble beginnings Meijer began to quickly grow, and under the supervision of its creator the store had taken over and expanded to nearly 30 stores by the 60’s. It was in the 60’s that the first superstores began to appear and Meijer is credited for starting it. The success of these superstores and Meijer being if not the first then one of the first to adopt this business model has meant that the business grew at a tremendous rate, quickly expanding to 100’s of superstores throughout several states earning the company billions.