Does KeyBank Sell Postage Stamps? Everything You Need To Know

A KeyBank Branch

Does KeyBank sell postage stamps?

Short answer: Yes you can buy individual stamps from all KeyBank branches across America. In todays hectic lifestyle finding time to go to the bank and the post office during business hours can be a real challenge. If you happen to use KeyBank and need to pick up some stamps you’re in luck because now you can do both these things at the same location.

Where Do You Buy The Stamps?

You can buy individual stamps from all branches across the country. The stamps are USPS Forever stamps which are valid for sending one piece of First Class mail regardless of any price increases in the future.

While some banks like Wells Fargo and US Bank have ATM’s that can dispense stamps when it comes to KeyBank you are only able to buy them from a branch. With the popularity of stamp dispensing ATM’s growing hopefully KeyBank adds this feature on soon.

Advantages Of Buying Stamps From KeyBank

When you’re looking to buy stamps you have a number of places to choose from and each of them has a number of positives and negatives. Here are some of the positives we’ve found when it comes to buying stamps:


With 1200 branches spread across 14 states if you’re in one of the areas KeyBank operates there’s a good chance you have a branch nearby. Banks are usually located downtown and close to where a large number of people work or go shopping.


We all need to go to the bank from time to time so rather than a separate trip to the post office you can simply buy some stamps while you are there.

Individual stamps:

Not many businesses outside of the post office sell stamps individually. You normally end up having to buy a book of stamps which can be frustrating if you only want to send one letter. While Forever stamps don’t lose value they can still be misplaced or lost so being able to just buy one is a bonus.

Same Price As The USPS:

KeyBank sells its stamps for the same price as the USPS. In 2021 that price is 55c for a Forever stamp valid for sending 1 piece of First Class mail. When you buy the stamps from a branch they can charge the fee directly onto your bank account so you don’t need to worry about bringing money.

Disadvantages Of Buying From KeyBank

Business Hours:

Much like the post office banks have limited business hours. Usually operating from 9am to 5pm they can be a challenge to get to if you work full time. If time is an issue consider buying stamps from a pharmacy or grocery store which are open for most of the day.  

No ATM’s:

KeyBank hasn’t added ATM’s that distribute stamps to their arsenal yet which leaves them trailing Wells Fargo and US Bank in regards to technology. Hopefully stamps are added to ATM’s soon.

Limited Stock:

If you’re looking to buy a large number of stamps the branch may not have enough stamps to sell you. KeyBank usually sells stamps individually so if you’re looking to buy 20 or 100 there might be better options when choosing a store.

Finding The Nearest Location

If you’re looking for the nearest KeyBank location you can search for a branch using Google Maps or similar or use their store locator. The store locator allows you to search with a number of different options as well as gives you the business hours of each location.

If you’re looking for stamps remember to search for “Branch Only” as you are unable to buy stamps from an ATM.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a few bank chains that now sell postage stamps. The most common are Wells Fargo, US Bank, Fifth Third Bank and KeyBank. Notable banks that do not sell stamps include Bank of America and Chase.

At the moment you not able to buy stamps from a KeyBank ATM but you are able to buy stamps from a KeyBank branch.

No Bank of America does not sell postage stamps either through their branches or from ATM’s. If you are looking for a bank that sells stamps some of the more common are Wells Fargo and US Bank.

Final Thoughts

While buying stamps from a KeyBank branch can save you time it’s only really a benefit if you happen to be going to the bank anyway. From the perspective of just buying stamps there are easier options with longer business hours and more locations.

One major benefit of buying from KeyBank is that they sell individual stamps which not many businesses do but until they start selling from ATM’s they are not an overly convenient place to buy stamps.