Buying Stamps At Pharmacies

Pharmacies now sell lots of everyday items, and over the last few years chains like CVS and Rite Aid have started selling stamps.

While you cannot be certain that your mom and pop pharmacies have stamps for sale some of the large pharmacies chains throughout America are certified postage stamp sellers so will have some stamps in stock.

If you have a Walgreens, CVS or Rite Aid nearby then they will be able to cover your stamps needs. Keep in mind however that they may only sell a booklet of stamps (20 stamps) not individual stamps.

Walgreens Pharmacy


Walgreens is Americas largest pharmacy chain and they all stock postage stamps making them one of the most common and convenient places to buy postage stamps. We’ve written a full buyers guide on buying stamps from Walgreens.

Rite Aid:

While Rite Aid might not have the sheer number of locations as Walgreens in certain states they are by far the most common pharmacy chain. 

Rite Aid differentiates itself from a number of other businesses by selling stamps in packs of 4 so they are a great option if you’re only looking to send a few letters. Read our full buyers guide on Rite Aid here.


Selling books of stamps at all of their locations CVS is great for those of us who struggle getting to the post office during business hours. 

CVS only sells stamps by the book however the price per stamp is cheaper than from competitors like Rite Aid. Read our full buyers guide for buying stamps from CVS here.