Buying Postage Stamps From Costco – Everything You Need To Know

A Costco Wholesale Store

Does Costco Sell Stamps?

Short answer: Yes Costco sells rolls of 100 USPS Forever stamps from all their locations. This large retail store found across America sells everything from breakfast cereals to electronics so it’s not surprise they also sell postage stamps. It is worth noting that the stamps themselves are not kept on the shelves and are usually purchased at the register when you go to pay. Some stores also sell their stamps from the customer service counter.

Like most of the products they sell Costco focuses on selling items in bulk so they only rolls of 100 stamps however they are one of the few places where you can buy stamps below the cost of buying from the post office.

Costco sells the flag designed USPS Forever stamps which are valid for sending one piece of First Class mail regardless of price increases in the future.

Costco Membership

Unlike most stores in order to shop at Costco you need an active membership with the company. The price of membership ranges from $60 per year to $120 per year depending on your membership type.

There are different positives and negatives associated with the different memberships so make sure to do your research before choosing and find the option that is best for you. If you are purely looking to buy stamps and do not already have a Costco membership the cost of signing up far outweighs the savings made on buying stamps and you would be better off buying stamps from a different store.

Advantages Of Buying Stamps From Costco

The post office isn’t always the easiest store to buy postage stamps from and Costco has a number of advantages over other stores that also sell stamps. Here are just some of them.


With over 800 locations and more getting built all the time Costco stores have become a common site around the US. If you’re lucky enough to have one of these stores near your home or workplace they are a convenient choice if you need some stamps.

They Sell In Bulk:

While this may not always be a positive if your employer uses a large number of stamps or you need to send a lot of letters (eg. wedding invitations) you’ll have far more luck buying stamps in bulk from Costco compared to a pharmacy or gas station which likely only has a few books of stamps in stock.

They Are Cheaper Than The USPS:

Costco is one of the only stores in America that consistently sells postage stamps below the going price of the USPS. In 2021 you can buy a roll of 100 stamps for $54.75.

A great time to buy discount stamps is right after the USPS increases its prices. Costco continues to sell stamps at the original price for a number of weeks after a price increase.

Open Long Hours:

One of the main problems with buying stamps from the USPS is their limited business hours. If you work full time and have a busy schedule getting to the post office can be difficult but the extended Costco operating hours makes this job far easier. With most stores operating until 8:30pm on weekdays and 6pm on weekends this gives you a few extra hours to pick up your stamps.

They Sell Accompanying Products:

When you go to Costco to buy stamps you can also buy envelopes, packages, packing, labels, pens and everything else you need to send a letter or package. If you’re buying stamps from other businesses often times you can only buy the stamps themselves.

Rewards Programs:

Costco has a number of arrangements with financial institutions and the Costco Executive Membership also offer buyer rewards on every dollar spent in Costco stores. These rewards work when buying stamps as well so extra savings can be made if you are regularly buying stamps.

Buying Stamps From Costco Online

As an everyday shopper you are unable to purchase postage stamps online so they must be bought in store. Availability differs from store to store so it may be worth calling ahead and checking they have stamps in stock. To find a stores phone number read our “Nearest Costco Locations” section below.

The exception to buying stamps online is if you have a business membership with Costco. If you’re business has an account with the store you can purchase a roll of stamps for $54.75 plus shipping.

Nearest Costco Locations

If you’re not sure where the nearest Costco is to your location they have made a handy store locator which allows you to enter your address and it will find the closest store to you. On top of that it also gives their business hours and phone number so you can call ahead and check if they have stamps in stock. Click here to use the Costco store locator.

If you’re on mobile another good choice for finding the nearest store is by using the Google Maps or Apple Map application on your phone. Simply search for Costco and they will show the nearest store as well as the directions to get there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes you can buy a roll of 100 USPS Forever stamps at all Costco locations. The price for the roll of stamps is $54.75.

Costco is one of the few stores that sells postage stamps below the price set by the USPS. A roll of 100 stamps from Costco costs $54.5.

Yes Forever stamps are marginally cheaper at Costco however you also have to factor in the cost of membership. The cost of 100 stamps from Costco is $54.75 while the same stamps from the USPS would cost $55.

Forever stamps never expire and can always be used to send the same amount of postage even if prices have increased since the purchase of the stamps. A Forever stamp is valid to send 1 piece of first class mail.

Final Thoughts

If you have a Costco membership already and are looking to buy postage stamps in bulk then Costco is a good choice however if either of those things are not true then you would be better off finding another company.

The buyer rewards programs, discounted prices of stamps and large number of locations are all positives but if you don’t already have a membership it’s not worth signing up purely to buy stamps when you have a number of other easier options.