Does Rite Aid Sell Stamps - Answered

Short Answer: Yes!

Rite Aid operated in nearly 5000 locations throughout the United States providing medicine, shampoo, skin products and thousands of other items to people all across the country. One thing we were not sure is if they include postage stamps as on of the many products they stock in store. I sent headquarters and email to see if they could clarify the issue.

Hello Ashley,

Thank you for contacting Rite Aid Customer Care. I apologize for the delay in my response. Regarding your inquiry we, unfortunately, do not have access to the store's inventory or pricing within our Department and our website currently does not have this feature available. You would want to contact your local Rite Aid store directly to ask about the product pricing. You may find your nearest Rite Aid Store via this link:

If you have any further questions or if there is anything else we can do for you please contact us anytime. This week, from 03/18/2018 to 03/24/2018, we have a site wide offer of 30% OFF regular price items using the promo code (SAVE30). We appreciate your business and for being a valued customer. Thank you for choosing Rite Aid!

Jessieka A
Rite Aid Online Store

As you can see the response was not overly helpful. The next stage in researching this was to check their online store to see if they have stamps for sale online. Although I searched thoroughly I could not find and stamps for sale on their website. They had a number of different envelopes, tape, and packaging but no information on USPS stamps that could be purchased with them. I then decided to make a few phone calls to several Rite Aid stores across the country to see if they had any currently in stock.

I called 4 Rite Aids and am pleased to say that all 4 had stamps available in their stores. They had sheets of 10 and 20 stamps available for $5 or $10 respectively. From this we can assume that just about every Rite Aid store will sell you postage stamps if you need them. The map below can be used to find the closest Rite Aid to your location. Simply add your town or city into the box and hit Enter and it will update showing you where you locations are throughout town.


Why By Stamps From Rite Aid Instead Of A USPS Outlet

There are a few reasons why you might choose to buy stamps from Rite Aid rather than USPS and the most obvious of which is that it is simply closer. Not everyone lives close to a USPS store and seeing as there are thousand of Rite Aid locations there is a good chance that they will be closer. A trip to the pharmacy can also be quite common if you need to get a prescription filled or want to pick up something hair and beauty supplies so buying some stamps at the same time might be the most convenient option.

Another big reason to by from Rite Aid is their operating hours. Rite Aid's are open 7 days a week and much later than USPS or other locations you can buy stamps (many Rite Aid's are open 24/7). This means you can buy stamps at any hour of the day and simply drop the letters in a dropbox nearby.