Does Rite Aid Sell Stamps? – Answered

Yes Rite Aid does sell USPS Forever postage stamps. While we don’t immediately think of pharmacies when it comes to buying stamps they are quickly becoming one of the easiest and most convenient places to pick some up. In keeping up with Walgreens and CVS you can now buy postage stamps from all Rite Aid locations making it easier than ever before to pick up some stamps.

It is worth noting that the stamps are not kept on the shelf in Rite Aid stores so to purchase some you’ll need to ask at the counter or a member of staff in the store and they can get them for you.

Types Of Stamps Sold

While the exact amount varies slightly store to store in the vast majority of Rite Aid pharmacies you can purchase stamps in sets of 4. This separates Rite Aid from most other businesses which sell stamps by the book (20 stamps). Other pharmacies like Walgreens occasionally sell stamps as a set of 6 but this is not everywhere and they usually sell them as a set of 20. If you want to be sure exactly what your local Rite Aid is selling it is often worth calling them up beforehand and checking what they have in stock.

The stamps sold are USPS Forever postage stamps which are valid to send one piece of first class mail even if the cost of postage increases in the future.

Cost Of Stamps From Rite Aid

When buying stamps from Rite Aid you can expect to pay a little extra compared to buying directly from the Post Office. Rite Aid stores generally have a policy of charging above the standard price for stamps. It is not uncommon to pay around $3 for 4 stamps ($2.20 value) when buying from Rite Aid. If you’re looking for stamps from a pharmacy we recommend purchasing from Walgreens or CVS which charge the standard rate for postage stamps (although the don’t sell in packs of 4).

Advantages Of Buying From Rite Aid


With around 2500 stores through the country Rite Aid is a common pharmacy chain in a number of states (especially California). The more locations you have to buy stamps the better so if you’re lucky enough to live near one of these 2500 locations you’ve got an easy and convenient place to buy stamps.

Business Hours:

One of the main problems with buying stamps from the post office is limited business hours. For those people who have hectic schedules or a work timetable that doesn’t suit it can be really hard to buy stamps during regular business hours. Rite Aid stores are generally open until 10pm while a number of stores are open 24 hours a day. If you’re a night owl and need stamps then Rite Aid could be a great option.

Open On Weekends:

If it’s a Sunday afternoon and you need some stamps heading to the post office isn’t an option. Lucky for you Rite Aid stores are open on weekends and can sort you out with postage stamps.

Not A Standalone Trip:

When you buy stamps from a pharmacy you’re often buying others things as well and grabbing some stamps while you are there. It’s not a trip purely to buy stamps which is generally the case if you go to the post office. If you’re not in a rush you can simply add stamps to your shopping list and pick them up next time you fill a prescription etc.

Can You Buy Stamps From Rite Aid’s Online Store?

At the moment stamps are only available for purchase in store. This does mean there is a chance the specific store you visit will have no stock at that point in time. If it’s important you buy stamps that day it may be worth calling ahead to double check your specific Rite Aid has stamps in stock.

Nearest Rite Aid Location

If you’ve made the decision to purchase stamps from a Rite Aid but don’t know the nearest location you have a few different options. If you’re on desktop you can use Rite Aid’s store locator. Simply add your postcode or address and all nearby Rite Aid stores are shown to you as well as their phone numbers making it easy to call and check if they have stamps in stock.

If you’re on mobile another easy way to locate the nearest store is by using Google Maps or Apple maps on your device. This will show you the closest locations as well as the directions you should take to get there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Stamps purchased at Rite Aid are more expensive than if they were purchased from the post office. The exact price does seem to vary from location to location but generally you will pay around $3 for 4 Forever postage stamps.

Yes CVS sells books of postage stamps (20 stamps) for $11. This is the standard price for Forever stamps and the same price as what you would pay from the post office.

All Rite Aid locations sell postage stamps. When buying stamps from Rite Aid it is worth noting they are not kept on the shelves. To purchase stamps you will need to ask at the counter and one of their staff will be happy to get some for you.

Yes all Walgreen locations sell books of postage stamps (20 stamps) while a number of locations also offer smaller batches as well. For a full guide on buying stamps from Walgreens click here.

The vast majority of gas stations are privately owned (franchised) so the individual store has discretion on what they do and do not sell. Meijer and Kwik Trip are two chains that always sell postage stamps but other than those most are luck of the draw. Call ahead or ask while you fill up is your best bet.

Final Thoughts

There are a number of positives and one main negative when buying stamps from Rite Aid. The large number of locations, the long business hours and being open on weekends all make for a convenient place to buy postage stamps. The fact that you can buy stamps as a set of 4 rather than a book of 20 is also great if you’re just looking to send a letter or two.

The major down side is the added cost associated with buying stamps from Rite Aid. Other pharmacies like Walgreens and CVS sell their stamps at the set USPS rate while Rite Aid has a surcharge added on top. If you’re just looking for a few stamps and you’re in a Rite Aid then the extra cost may not be an issue but if I’m you’re going out of you way to buy stamps there are probably other options where the price of stamps would be lower.