Where Can I Buy Stamps In Georgia

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Like in all other 49 States the USPS has brought their services to the citizens of Georgia too with access available at many places throughout the state.
Leading retail outlets, pharmacies, Walmart and many other such business outlets have been encompassed in Georgia as USPS resellers so that customers are never far from a retailer.

The main idea of USPS is to ensure that when supplies are needed in Georgia or anywhere for that matter, you can find a USPS service provider that is close and convenient.

I have created these maps to find the closest store to where you are in Georgia. Simply enter your postcode or city into the text box below and hit enter and all the maps will show shops near your location.


For those on holidays or have never sent a package before I have added a map which will show you your closest USPS outlet.


While they can be a little stressful your local Walmart can provide you with everything you need to send a letter or package.


A lot of people don't realize that pharmacies sell stamps. With a lot to choose from I have added a map which shows you the closest CVS pharmacies in Georgia,

Wells Fargo:

If you're lucky enough you may find an ATM that dispenses stamps otherwise head into your local Wells Fargo branch and pick up some stamps.

Buy Your Stamps Online:

You can buy everything online now so why not order some postage stamps of Amazon and let them do the legwork.

Georgia Specific Stamps:

If you are a stamp collector and are looking to add some stamps to your collection that are specific to Georgia have a look at some of the unique stamps available below:

Stamps During The Civil War:

Letters were the only method of communication home for soldiers on either side of the American Civil War, which was bloody to say the least with young lives lost from the Northern and Southern States alike.

One intrepid soldier who survived the war had an interesting narration after the war was over which showed the importance of the postage system during the war and the invaluable service performed by the respective postal authorities on either side and what it did to boost the morale of their fighting men and women.

In 1863 half way through the war a soldier from the Union calculated he had sent out 109 letters to his home folk, 55 more letters to friends and 37 letters to people who he knew could not read or write. He counted the mail he received in return (85 letters) and noted that many other soldiers sent and received letters at a similar rate. The ability to communicate with loved ones during such trying times was a huge moral boost for soldiers on the front line.

"Receiving a letter was more valuable to me than anything else during the war."

Following the civil war the United States Postal Service has grown exponentially. Today a fully fledged USPS proudly boasts of the largest fleet of vehicles in the world.

They have a staggering 211,264 vehicles servicing a population of 326,473,013 United State citizens spread far and wide across the length and breadth of this vast nation. A complex system of checks and balances keeps over 600 thousand employees providing an excellent level of service delivering mail intact and on time throughout the country.