Where Can I Buy Stamps In Mississippi

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The USPS is one of the worlds’ most advanced and streamlined postal services in the world serving all of the United State’s citizenry spread all over the country.

From very humble beginnings in 1775 when the nascent postal services were inaugurated after the United States of America was granted independence from the British Crown on July 4th 1776, it has grown in leaps and bounds employing 617,254 men and women, across the length and breadth of the country.

Its constant goal of improving service to it's citizens has meant that the USPS has a large number of branches throughout Mississippi as well as a number of other stores that sell postage services.

I have created these maps to find the closest store to where you are in Mississippi. Simply enter your postcode or city into the text box below and hit enter and all the maps will show shops near your location.

Post Office:

Found in nearly all towns USPS outlets should be the first place you look for postage services.


If the USPS store is to far away then a great fall back option is Walmart.


Today pharmacies sell lots of everyday products and postage stamps are one such item. Stores like CVS have become certified sellers of postage stamps.

Wells Fargo:

Banks selling stamps is a fairly new development and are not always 100% guaranteed. Call ahead or check online if your bank offers postage stamps.

Buy Your Stamps Online:

If time is not a factor than you can always buy stamps online and have them arrive at your door a few days later.

Mississippi Specific Stamps:

If you are a stamp collector and are looking to add some stamps to your collection that are specific to Mississippi have a look at some of the unique stamps available below:

Mississippi Stamp Background Information:

The State of Mississippi derives its name from the Great River Mississippi which is an Ojibwa Indian name “Misi Ziibi” which meant Great River.

Mississippi has access to the Gulf of Mexico as it is a southern state of the United States of America, with a population of nearly 3.0 million living in 82 counties, spread over a land mass of 48,430 square miles with a density of 63.8 persons per square mile.

The highest point in the state is Woodall Mountain at only 807 feet and it has no National Parks within its borders however it does have many tourist attractions.

Mississippi has one Nobel Prize winner, William Faulkner for literature in 1949 but it is also the birth state of singer Britney Spears and actors James Earl Jones and Eric Roberts.

In November 1902 on a hunting expedition in Onward, President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt refused to shoot a bear that had been surrounded and cornered, which gave rise to the famous “Teddy Bear” which children still love today.

The State is also home to the United States Postal Service, with their presence everywhere you look if you keep your eye out. The streamlining of their activities has brought their services closer to the citizens of Mississippi than ever before.

Picking up a simple postage stamp of any denomination, or getting one of those collectors “first day covers” or any other item of interest, is at anyone’s fingertips either on an online device or by visiting one of the many USPS outlets or through an authorized reseller outlet.

There is no shortage of services related to the postal services that you can obtain from the USPS, if you are in wanting. Have a look online and see how much they offer in todays age.