Where Can I Buy Stamps In Tennessee

Tennessee has a population in excess of 6.6 million spread out over an area of 42,143 square miles, divided into 95 counties with eleven electoral votes. The United States Postal Service has the task of ensuring that all mail within the state is processed and delivered throughout the state and country in an efficient and reliable way.

To streamline their services and to make postage accessible to more people USPS has added new businesses to equation so that the public has more opportunities to use the many services that the USPS offer. Walmart, CVS retail chain, Walgreen, and Rite Aid are just some of the big business names that have joined USPS.

I have created these maps to find the closest store to where you are in Tennessee. Simply enter your postcode or city into the text box below and hit enter and all the maps will show shops near your location.

Post Office:

If you’re on holidays and don’t know where the nearest USPS store is the map below can help.


With stores all through the state your closest Walmart can help with stamps.


Postage stamps are not the first thing you think of when you are in a pharmacy however most large chains now sell them.

Wells Fargo:

If you are looking for some postage stamps your local bank branch might be able to help out.

Buy Your Stamps Online:

A good alternative to buying stamps from the above stores is to buy them through an online retailer.

Tennessee Specific Stamps:

If you are a stamp collector and are looking to add some stamps to your collection that are specific to Tennessee have a look at some of the unique stamps available below:

The History Of USPS In Tennessee

Tennessee has borders with eight other states, Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina and Virginia. The only other to have eight neighboring states is Missouri. With huge amounts of mail going in and out of Tennessee on transit to other states it is no surprise that the USPS has a huge presence throughout the state.

Since it got its independence the United States Postal Service has undergone many progressive changes and are today one of the most streamlined postal services of the world, using state of the art technology to ensure that more than 154 billion mail pieces they process each year, reaches their destinations intact.

Delivering that amount of mail is no small feat. Possessing the largest fleet of civilian vehicles in the world including over two hundred thousand cars and trucks. Just this year (2018) the USPS has began trialling electric postage trucks in cities to reduce city smog and lower emissions. Lets hope they are successful and can be used throughout the country.