Where Can I Buy Stamps In Washington DC

Group of stamps

The Golden State has a number of chain stores and options when looking to buy stamps. Whether you are here on holidays and want to send a postcard home or if you live here and are just looking for an easier option to buy stamps than from the post office here are a list of places where you can restock your stamp supply.

I have created these maps to find the closest store to where you are in Washington DC. Simply enter your postcode or city into the text box below and hit enter and all the maps will show shops near your location.

Post Office:

The post office is an obvious choice. Check out the map below and if there is one nearby then getting stamps will not be an issue.


The iconic supermall is another convenient option for buying stamps in Washington DC. With hundreds of stores throughout the state they offer everything you need under one roof.


CVS Pharmacy is another option if you are still struggling to find stamps. However, it is important to note that they only sell books of stamps (20 individual stamps per book).

Wells Fargo:

One of the biggest banks in America has now added the sale of stamps to their long list of services provided. Any Wells Fargo branch in Washington DC can provide you with postage stamps. Check the map below to find your closest branch.

Buy Your Stamps Online:

Don’t battle through traffic. Just have the stamps delivered to you instead.

Washington DC Specific Stamps:

If you are a stamp collector and are looking to add some stamps to your collection that are specific to Washington DC have a look at some of the unique stamps available below: