Buying Stamps From Retail Giants & Supermarket Chains

Supermarket chains and large retail stores are some of the best places to buy postage stamps. They are convenient, have easy parking, and there is nearly always at least one nearby.

On top of that they usually sell envelopes, labels, parcels, pens and everything else you’ll need to send a letter or package.

Here are some great options when it comes to buying postage stamps.


It should come as no surprise that America’s retail giant stocks everything you need to send a letter. Selling stamps in large and small quantities as well as through their online shop you are spoiled for choice when it comes to Walmart. See our Walmart stamp guide here.


Another store like Walmart that is spread across the country and stocks everything you need under one roof. While not quite as prevalent as Walmart there is a good chance you have a Target nearby and they stock everything you need to send a letter. See our full Target guide here.


If you’re looking to buy in bulk then Costco has you covered. If you’ve got a Costco membership and need a lot of stamps then they are the cheapest place to buy them. Click here to read our full Costco guide.


Not having to do a specific trip to buy stamps can be a real time saver and we all need to buy groceries at one point or another. If you’re not in a rush simply add stamps to your shopping list and pick some up next time you head to Kroger. Read our full guide on buying stamps from Kroger now.


While not as widespread as some of the other stores listed above if you’re in one of the states Publix operates they are a great alternative to buying stamps from the post office. With over 1200 stores an stamps in all of them your local Publix grocery store can help you out. See our full Publix stamp guide here.


While WinCo may not have as many stores as others on the list they are one of the few companies that sells both books and individual stamps. Check out our full guide here.