Buying Stamps From Target – Everything You Need To Know

A Target Store

“Does Target Sell Postage Stamps?”

Short answer: Yes. All SuperTarget stores and most small-format Target stores (previously known as CityTarget or Target Express) sell postage stamps in books, coils and rolls. If you’re looking for some postage stamps and can’t make it to post office then Target makes for a great alternative.

When you think of Target you would often think about groceries, clothing, furniture or electronics but it should come as no surprise you can also buy postage stamps from the majority of locations. On top of stamps you can also buy envelopes, packages, labels, pens and packaging so you’ll have everything you need to send a letter or parcel.

Types Of Stamps Sold At Target

When buying stamps from Target you often have more choices compared to most other businesses that sell stamps (excluding the USPS). While most stores only sell stamps by the book when shopping at Target you can also buy stamps by the coil (100 stamps) and some stores sell in smaller sets (12 or 4).

The stamps themselves are Forever stamps which usually feature the American flag design. If you’re looking for a more personal touch with the stamp designs you may be better off calling ahead and checking or buying the stamps from the post office where there are more designs available.

Where Are The Stamps Located?

The stamps themselves are not kept on the shelves however other postage supplies are so if you’re looking to buy other things its often better to go and find them first. Once you have everything else you need you can collect the stamps from the checkout counter or in some locations from the customer service counter.

Advantages Of Buying Stamps From Target

There are a number of advantages in buying stamps from Target rather than the post office or a competing business. Here are just a few:

Store Locations:

Target is a massive company with stores all throughout the United States. With nearly 2000 stores there’s a good chance your local Target is easier to get to than the post office.

Opening Hours:

Target stores are open earlier and stay open later than the post office. Most stores are open from 8am to 10pm giving you plenty of extra time to pick up stamps if you’ve got a busy schedule.

Open On Weekends:

Those long hours aren’t just limited to weekdays either. When you buy stamps from Target you can pick them up on Saturdays and Sundays as well. This is one of the biggest advantages over buying stamps from the post office.

Accompanying Products:

If you’re buying stamps from Target you can also buy everything else you need to write a letter or send a package. While this is the same at the post office if you’re buying stamps from a pharmacy or bank often times you can only get stamps and nothing to go with them.

Rewards Programs:

Target has a number of rewards programs allowing you to earn points which can be used to save you money in the future. Check out the latest Target credit cards and their loyalty programs to see how much you can save.

Easy Parking:

Target stores usually have large parking lots which make finding a spot easy. The post office is often downtown or has limited parking spaces so this can be a big plus if you like avoiding traffic.

Can I Buy Stamps From Target’s Online Store?

At the moment you can only buy stamps from Target in store and not through their website. With limited profit margins and the cost of shipping Target has decided not to offer stamps through their online system.

If you’re looking to buy stamps online you can order them directly from the USPS website or find a design you like from the hundreds of choices available from Amazon.

Nearest Target Location

With nearly 2000 stores there’s a good chance there’s a Target near you. If you’re not sure and want to find out you can use Target’s store locator. This program allows you to enter your location and find the nearest Target store as well as tells you the hours they operate and the stores phone number so you can call ahead and check they have postage stamps in stock.

Another good alternative if you’re on mobile is using your phones map and searching for the nearest Target location. Not only does this show you the nearest store but also the best way to get there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes in a large number of stores (including Target) it is possible to buy stamps from the cashier. Very few stores keep stamps on the shelves so if in doubt ask at a customer service desk and they will let you know.

No, provided the stamp has not been used there is no law saying you can’t sell postage stamps and that the buyer can’t use the stamps. If the stamps have been used you can still sell them but you must make it clear that the stamps have been used and they are being sold as a collector’s item.

If you are an authorized stamp seller you cannot sell stamps for above the set price (currently 55c). If however you are not an authorized seller you are free to charge whatever you like for the stamps.

Pawn shops are private companies and are free to buy and sell stamps as they please so it would come down to the individual store. Most stores would not have expert knowledge of stamps so would be unwilling to pay a high amount for collectible stamps.

Final Thoughts

Outside of buying from the post office directly Target is one of the best alternatives for buying stamps. The fact they sell stamps at the same price as the post office in conjunction with also selling envelopes, parcels, packaging etc. means you can buy everything you need in one go.

The only downside is most stores only offering stamps by the book and not in smaller denominations. Although the stamps hold their value forever if you are only sending one letter it can be frustrating having to buy a book of 20 stamps.