Does Walgreens Sell Stamps? Full 2021 Guide

Walgreens Pharmacy

Yes Walgreens does sell postage stamps. All locations sell books of stamps (20 stamps) while on a store by store basis they also sell individual stamps. America’s largest pharmacy chain sells medicines, health products, skin care and postage stamps. They are an official USPS dealer meaning they sell their stamps at the same rate as the post office.

Types Of Stamps Available From Walgreens

All Walgreen’s locations stock books of Forever postage stamps (20 stamps) while some stores also sell stamps individually. While rare you can also find Walgreens stores that sell sheets of either 6 or 12 stamps. The prices work out at 55c per stamps and there is not discount from buying in bulk so you’ll pay 55c for 1 stamps, $3.30 for 6 stamps and $11 for a book of 20 stamps.

Most locations stock the standard flag design that is used on the majority of current postage stamps and usually one other design. If you’re looking for something specific you can always call the specific store and see what they have available.

Where Are The Stamps Kept?

When it comes to postage stamps most stores choose to keep them behind the counter as a way of reducing theft. Walgreens is no different so you likely won’t see any displayed on the shelves. Ask the cashier or someone in store and they will be able to get the stamps for you.

Advantages Of Buying From Walgreens


With over 9000 stores throughout the United States Walgreens is the largest pharmaceutical chain in America so if you live in a large town or city there’s a good chance you have one near your home or workplace.

Operating Hours:

The exact hours the stores are open varies from place to place but Walgreens are usually open far later than the post office. Some Walgreen’s locations are open 24 hours a day so if you’re doing shift work or simply can’t buy stamps during regular operating hours Walgreens makes for a great alternative.

Open On Weekends:

Not only are Walgreen’s open later than the post office they are also open on Saturdays and Sundays. If you’re too busy during the week and need some stamps on the weekend then head to your nearest Walgreens.

Extra Convenience:

If you’re not in a rush then you can buy stamps from a Walgreens when you were planning on going shopping anyway. Sooner or later you’re going to need to make a trip to the pharmacy so why not pick up some stamps while you are there.

Cost Of Postage Stamps From Walgreens

As an authorized USPS seller the price Walgreens sells its stamps is the same as buying them directly from the post office. A book of 20 stamps currently sells for $11 ad if you’re buying from a store that sells individual stamps you’ll pay 55c per stamp.

There is no discount when buying in bulk so if you’re only planning on sending a few letters it may be worth buying several individual stamps rather than a book.

Buying Stamps From Walgreens Online

At this point in time you are only able to buy postage stamps from Walgreens in store and not through their website. If you’re looking to buy stamps online you can purchase them from Amazon here or by going directly to the USPS online store.

Nearest Locations

With over 9000 stores there’s a good chance you have one nearby. If you’re new to an area or are not sure Walgreens has made a store locator that’s easy to use. Visit the store locator here and simply enter your town or postcode and it will let you know the nearest locations.

If you’re on mobile a search for Walgreens on Google Maps or Apple maps will show you the nearest location as well as how to get there.

Frequently Asked Questions

The stamps are priced at 55 cents each. The number of stamps sold varies from store to store. Some Walgreens sell individual stamps, others sells sheets of 6 or 12 and all locations sell a book of 20 stamps ($11).

Yes most large pharmacy chains sell stamps including CVS, Walgreens and Rite Aid. For a more detailed look at buying postage stamps from pharmacies check out our pharmacy guide.

No CVS does not sell single stamps. They only sell stamps by the book (20 stamps). If you’re looking for a pharmacy that sells individual stamps then Walgreens is your best chance but it varies store by store. You can always call ahead and see if that individual pharmacy sells individual stamps.

No Walmart does not sell single stamps. They sell stamps by the book for $11 in store or for roughly $13 if you buy them online and have them delivered.

A book of stamps if sold by the USPS or one of their authorized sellers currently sells for $11. That means the price per Forever stamp in 2021 is 55c each.

Yes you can buy stamps from Target. They are generally not displayed on the shelf but can be purchased at the checkout station or directly from the customer service desk.

Final Thoughts

Being Americas largest pharmacy chain Walgreens is one of the easiest and most convenient places to buy postage stamps. With long business hours (in some cases 24 hours a day) and being open on weekends they are a great alternative to the post office if you’re too busy through the week.

Not only do all locations sell books of stamps a large number of them also sell individual stamps or packs of 6. This separates Walgreens from a number of other pharmacies and businesses which usually only sell stamps by the book (20 stamps). If you’re not near a USPS outlet then Walgreens makes for a great alternative.