Buying Stamps From Wells Fargo Branches/ATM’s – Full Buyers Guide

Does Wells Fargo Sell Stamps?

Short Answer: Yes Wells Fargo sells individual stamps through its tellers and also through select ATM’s. It seems like we have less time than ever and choosing between going to the bank or the post office is a real possibility. Luckily for us Wells Fargo now sells postage stamps so you don’t have to choose one or the other.

On top of selling stamps through their branches some Wells Fargo ATM’s now have the ability to dispense stamps straight from the machine. This is a great function as ATM’s are usually located centrally and they are available 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Where Wells Fargo Sells Stamps

So when buying stamps from Wells Fargo you have two options. The first is from a Wells Fargo branch where any of the tellers should be able to sell you single USPS Forever stamps as well as books of stamps (20). Wells Fargo branches are generally open from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday and from 9am to 2pm on Saturdays.

The other option is selling stamps directly from their ATM’s. This feature is not available on all ATM’s and is very much a case by case scenario. In general the newer the ATM the better the chance you have at buying stamps. The main benefit of buying from an ATM is that they are available 24 hours a day.

When buying from ATM’s you can also buy in denominations as low as a single stamp and when they are purchased they are deposited directly from the ATM. The buying process is as follows:

  1. Insert your card into the machine
  2. Enter your pin when prompted
  3. Look for a list of services and select “Buy Stamps”
  4. Choose your amount and confirm the purchase

The cost of the stamps is deducted straight from your bank account and the stamps are presented immediately.

Advantages Of Buying From Wells Fargo


With over 7000 branch locations and even more ATM’s there’s a good chance going to the nearest branch is quicker and easier than going to the post office. Not only that but Wells Fargo branches and ATM’s are often centrally located near where you are likely to work or visit.

ATM’s Available 24/7:

If you’re lucky enough to have an ATM that dispenses stamps nearby then you have access to stamps 24 hours a day every day of the year.

Small Numbers Of Stamps:

Many businesses that sell stamps often only sell them by the book or roll. If you are looking for individual stamps often your only choices are the post office or a Wells Fargo branch.

Disadvantages Of Buying Stamps At Wells Fargo

There are a few key disadvantages when it comes to buying stamps from either a Wells Fargo branch or ATM. Check the positives and negatives and see if it’s the right choice for you.

Stamp ATM's Rare:

Not all ATM’s distribute stamps and finding ones that do can often be a challenge. Luckily more and more ATM’s are getting the feature so hopefully in the future all Wells Fargo ATM’s will stock stamps. The Wells Fargo App shows you where all the ATM’s are but it doesn’t allow you to search for ATM’s either.

Limited Hours At Branches:

If you don’t have an ATM that dispenses stamps then banks in general have very limited business hours. If you work full time it can be hard to get access to a branch between the hours of 9 and 5.

Cost Of Buying Stamps From Wells Fargo

As an authorized dealer for the USPS the stamps sold through Wells Fargo branches and ATM’s are the same price as purchasing from the post office. The current price for a Forever stamp is 55c and there is no discount from buying in bulk so you can expect to pay 55c for every stamp you purchase.

Forever stamps are valid for sending one piece of first class mail regardless of any price increases in the future.

Finding Wells Fargo Locations

If you’re looking to find a Wells Fargo branch you can use their store and ATM locator or search for them on Google Maps or equivalent. Either of these allows you to enter a location and it will find the closest branch to you.

The Wells Fargo app can be used to find the nearest ATM to you however it does not allow you to search specifically for ATM’s that distribute stamps. Hopefully in the future this feature is added but for now you will need to check ATM’s manually until you find one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes you can buy postage stamps at select ATM’s from several financial institutions in America. The banks that do sell postage stamps include Wells Fargo, Fifth Third Bank, Keybank and US Bank. Not all ATM’s from these companies distribute stamps but you may be able to search for them through your banking app.

Yes a number of banks sell postage stamps through their branches (and occasionally ATM’s). If you’re looking for stamps check your local Wells Fargo, Fifth Third Bank, Keybank or US Bank and they can sell you some.

As an authorized seller of USPS postage stamps you can buy a book of stamps from all Walgreens locations with many selling smaller amounts of stamps on a store by store basis.

Final Thoughts

If you’re heading to the bank and want to pick up some stamps while you are there Wells Fargo can be a great time saver but if you’re specifically looking for stamps then there are often stores that are easier to get to than your local branch.

The real convenience factor is when you find a local ATM that distributes stamps. When you find one of these you’ve got 24 hour access to stamps and the fact they can sell single stamps not a book is a big advantage over other stores if you’re only looking to sell a single letter or two.

The number of Wells Fargo ATM’s that distribute stamps is increasing so hopefully over time all of them have the feature. Until then hopefully Wells Fargo can update its app so you are able to search for stamp selling ATM’s in your area.