Can You Buy Stamps At QuikTrip? – Answered

QuikTrip Gas Station

Short Answer: Yes

With over 750 stores throughout the country QuikTrip stores would be a very convenient place to buy postage stamps. The problem is that often times there is inconsistency on which stores sell stamps and which don’t, with the answer being different in each location. To help clarify the problem we decided to send them an email to see if all of their locations had stamps for sale. You can see the answer below.

“Yes, QuikTrip sells stamps. Go into any QT location and ask for stamps at the counter when you are ready to check out.”

And there we have it. With over 750 locations to choose from you now have a convenient place to buy postage stamps from a store that is often times open 24 hours a day. Next time you happen to be shopping near by pick some up and save the hassle. While many stores do not have USPS drop boxes allowing you to send mail I have found a few over the years that have that option. If you are desperate to send a letter you can also ask the store employees to add your letter to their outgoing mail pile. This is normally used for business related mail but I have never had an issue adding my letter to the pile provided it has all the necessary stamps.

Number Of Locations:

You can find 758 QuikTrip stores throughout the country with a large number of them found in Arizona, Georgia , Texas and a number of other states. Unlike most convenience store chains QuikTrip owns and operates all of its locations whereas most operate as franchises. This means they have far greater control of the products stocked in their stores and can ensure they all stock similar products.

History Of Quik Trip:

Started in Tulsa by Burt Holmes the humble beginnings of this multi billion dollar company was a small grocer copied off the success of 7-Eleven stores that had began springing up throughout the country. In the 70’s QuikTrip began selling gasoline and diesel and a major change in stocked items caused a rapid growth in revenue. Slow moving products where removed from all the stores (canned vegetables etc) and a number of low price but high volume products where brought it, the most successful of which being beer, coffee, and candy. The chains have continued to grow to today where they currently do over 9 billion per year in sales. With headquarters still based in Tulsa this success story is one for the ages.