Looking To Buy Postage Stamps Nearby? Find All The Locations You Can Buy Individual Or Books Of Mailing Stamps (Even On A Sunday)

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When it comes to buying stamps the local USPS outlet is not always the easiest option. Traffic, parking, and convenience factors can often mean that other stores are closer or easier to get to if you are looking to buy some stamps. To make things easier we have created a complete list of the different stores and locations where you can buy postage stamps and mailing supplies.

When buying postage stamps they come in different quantities. If you are looking to post a letter then you’re likely only looking for an individual stamp or two. Many places only stock rolls of stamps (10 stamps) a sheet of stamps (20 stamps) or a coil of stamps (100 stamps). If you’re looking for an individual stamp you’ll have to be more selective while going through the list.

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Buying Stamps Online

If time is not an issue or you are looking for a large number of stamps (wedding invitations etc.) then why not buy them online and have them delivered straight to your door. Remove the hassle of heading into town and finding a park and simply let the stamps come to you.


It should come as no surprise that Amazon has a large range of options when it comes to stamps. They sell everything from kitchen tables to drones so why wouldn’t they sell postage stamps as well. With a large number of sellers offering stamps you have the full range to choose from including individual stamps, sheets, rolls and coils. Some stamps are available for same day delivery and due to their light weight the shipping fees are minimal. Occasionally you can also find sellers offloading stamps at below cost price in an attempt to clear inventory. This can be a great way to save money if you’re planning on sending a large number of letters.

Here are some great deals available from Amazon at the moment:

USPS Online

The other online option is buying stamps from the USPS online store. They sell their full range of stamps in varying quantities. On top of stamps they also sell envelopes, parcel boxes and anything else you’ll need to send a letter or package. Check their inventory by clicking here.

Buying Stamps From The United States Postal Service


If there is a USPS store located nearby then they become the most obvious choice when purchasing postage stamps. They have everything you need and the staff are happy to help you select the correct number of stamps for your letter or package. The  main advantage of buying stamps from the USPS is you can attach it to your envelope and send it straight away.

There are thousands of USPS stores across the country so chances are good that there is one near you. If you are one of the unlucky people who do not have access to a USPS there are still a number of convenient options for you to choose from. 


A Kroger Store

Most large grocery store chains sell packs postage stamps in differing quantities. This makes it easy to pick some up while you’re out buying groceries. If you are sending a package you can also weigh it on the scales in the produce section so you know how many stamps you’ll need to use to send it correctly. Supermarkets differ a lot state to state so it would be impossible to list them all here. The following four are good options but its likely that whatever supermarket chain is popular in your area also likely sells postage stamps.


Publix is one of the grocery store chains authorized to sell postage stamps for the USPS. They also sell envelopes, paper, packaging etc. so you can pickup everything you need while you are there. With nearly 1300 locations mainly located through Southeastern USA they are a great spot to buy stamps if you’re in that part of the country.


Kroger sells packs of 20 postage stamps for the same price as a USPS outlet. This means you can pick up all your postage needs next time you go shopping. Kroger operates through 35 states of the United States with nearly 3000 stores all of which sells sheets of postage stamps.


If you are looking for individual stamps then Winco is probably your second best option if you can’t find a USPS outlet. Very few supermarkets sell stamps individually but the customer service counter in any of their stores will happily sell them individually. You can also purchase full sheets or booklets of stamps at any checkout.


Another good alternative is Wegmans. With quite a few stores across the country they can help with your postage needs. Wegmans sells books of FOREVER postage stamps (20 stamps to a book).


A CVS Pharmacy

Pharmacies are some of the most convenient places to buy stamps on the whole list. With several chains operating thousands of stores across the country there are very few places where you’re not near a pharmacy chain that can sell you some stamps. We have a whole page dedicated to pharmacies that sell stamps but to keep things simple CVS, Walgreens and Rite Aid can all sell you sheets of postage stamps.


CVS has nearly 10’000 locations across the country so chances are there is one near you. These pharmacies offer a range of everyday items and one of them is stamps. CVS sells books of stamps from all of their locations for $11.


Another great pharmacy to buy stamps from is Walgreens. With 8500 store locations they are found in nearly every suburb in large cities and in nearly all larger towns.

Walgreens sells books of stamps from all of their locations and often stock smaller quantities but that is on a store by store basis.

Rite Aid

With around 2500 stores across 19 states Rite Aid is another pharmacy chain that can help with your postage needs. While you normally think of medicine, shampoo and skin care products when you think of pharmacies Rite Aid not only sells stamps but envelopes, postcards, and protection foam.

Large Retail Stores

A Walmart Store

Large retail stores dominate markets across America and its no surprise they’ve got in on the action when it comes to postage stamps. All the big players sell stamps in varying quantities as well as all the postage supplies you’ll need as well.


This retail giant sells everything from books to barbecues and everything in between and that includes stamps. Often open 24 hours a day and found in just about every town and city Walmart is another easy option for buying stamps. Another bonus is that they also sell envelopes, postcards, pens, paper or anything else you will need. To find the closest Walmart to you or for more information on buying stamps from Walmart visit here.


Another one of Americas retail giants also makes the list of places you can buy postage stamps. All SuperTarget stores and most small format Target stores (City Target & Target Express) offer sheets and coils of postage stamps. 

On top of stamps they also sell envelopes, packaging, labels and everything else you need to send someone a letter or package.


If you’re buying in bulk they like usual Costco has you covered. Costco sells rolls of 100 stamps cheaper than what you can buy them directly from the post office which is the only company we’ve found which consistently does so. For 100 stamps you’ll pay $54.75.

To shop at Costco you will need a membership and depending on what tier you choose the fee is $60-$120 a year. While the stamps are cheaper it is not worth buying membership purely for discounted stamps.

Gas Stations

Gas stations can be a great backup to buy stamps however they are not always reliable. Franchised gas stations can choose which products they stock or don’t stock so it often comes down to a store by store basis. 7-Eleven is a good option however you can still find stamps at Chevron, Shell, ARCO, Texaco, Valero, Mobil, and Costco gas stations if you are lucky. We have a page on various gas stations that sell stamps here.


If you’re looking for a gas station that sells stamps then Meijer is the best of the lot. With over 500 locations across the country every single one of them sells stamps. The main downside of purchasing stamps from Meijer is they only sell stamps by the sheet (20 stamps) so if you’re just looking for an individual stamp, you’ll have to find somewhere else. The other main downside is that Meijer is not a common gas station across the whole country. While they have over 500 locations they are mainly focused around Michigan and surrounding states.

Meijer works in conjunction with USPS so not only do they sell stamps they can also process and send the mail directly for you. Common services available from Meijer include regular mail, priority mail, registered mail and certified mail.

QuikTrip/Kwik Trip

QuikTrip and Kwik Trip are another great location for buying postage stamps. While they do not process mail like Meijer all locations do sell both individual stamps and stamp sheets meaning you can pick up stamps 24 hours a day at most locations.

With around 1250 locations between them both QuikTrip and Kwik Trip are a great alternative to the post office if you’re looking for stamps outside of business hours or just want to pick some up while you’re refilling. Remember to ask at the counter because in many stores they are kept behind the counter so they’re not obvious unless you know to ask.


Most of us need to stop at gas stations regularly to fill up our car so it happens to be quite a convenient place to buy stamps. While 7-Eleven does stock postage stamps they do not stock them in all locations so it does come down to luck of the draw a little when buying stamps from a 7-Eleven. If you can’t find any postage stamps on the shelves it’s worth asking the cashier as sometimes they are kept behind the counter.


Not only have banks offered stamps over the counter for the last few years banks have also started offering postage stamp withdrawals from ATM’s. Not only are these convenient, but they are often available 24/7 and they charge your bank account automatically. The only problem is that not all banks sell stamps and the ones that do can be inconsistent on whether they sell them or not. You can often download your banks app which allows you to search for ATM’s that have the option to sell stamps. Check out our page on buying stamps from banks here.

Well Fargo

With the most branch locations in America and tens of thousands of ATM’s Wells Fargo is your best bet when buying stamps from a bank. All of their branches stock stamps that can be sold in quantities right down to single stamps

On top of that some Wells Fargo ATM’s can distribute stamps directly giving you access to individual stamps 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Fifth Third Bank

Another bank that offers postage stamps from all their branch locations as well as from ATM’s is Fifth Third Bank. 

With 1200 locations across 10 states their ATM’s make for great places to buy stamps around the clock. Their stamps are sold in sheets of 18, 36, 54 or 72 stamps.


While KeyBank operates a similar number of branches to Fifth Third Bank and they also sell stamps we’ve got them down the list because they only sell stamps directly through their branches.

They do however sell individual postage stamps which is great if you’re only looking to send a single letter or two.

Office Supply Stores

A Staples Store

Office Supply stores now stock everything you need to send a letter or package. They sell stamps, envelopes, boxes and whatever else you’ll need. We can’t guarantee that every office supply store will stock stamps but the big chains like Staples, Office Depot and Office Max have got you covered.

Office Depot

Office Depot is another office supply store that has added postage stamps to its product list. With around 1400 stores many of which open till late your local Office Depot makes for an easy choice to buy stamps.

Office Depot does not sell individual stamps it sells them by the sheet (20 postage stamps) or by the coil (100 postage stamps). Office Depot also offers same day delivery on stamps if you purchase them online.

The stamps sold are USPS FOREVER stamps so they will hold their value even if the price of stamps goes up in the future. For the sheet of 20 stamps expect to pay $11 and for the coil of 100 stamps expect to pay $55.

Office Max

Office Max and Office Depot have merged into one large Office Supply Store company. This now means you can get the same postage stamps as Office Depot (a sheet of 20 stamps or a coil of 100). This merger between the two companies means there is now an additional 941 stores where you can buy postage stamps as well as envelopes and packaging.

Other Places

A Hilton Hotel

Gift shops

If you are on holidays and are buying postcards to send back home lots of gift shops that sell postcards also sell stamps to go with them. Just pick some up when you buy the postcards. There might be a slight surcharge on the price but it’s usually only a few cents extra.


Like some of the previously listed locations whether a hotel can sell you stamps is entirely up to the individual location. If reception has stamps available a lot of the time they are able to charge them onto your room. Many hotels have accounts with the USPS that allow them to print their own stamps. If they do have this option its easy for them to print you a stamp and even send the letter for you.

Print Your Own Stamps

If you’re operating a business that sends a large number of letters or packages it may be worth setting up an account with Stamps. Stamps is an approved license vendor from the United States Postal Service that allows businesses to buy and print postage stamps when they are needed. This means no more running out of stamps and no more unnecessary trips to the store to pick more up.

Once of the main advantages of printing your own stamps is you don’t overpay for postage. Often times you’ll not have the exact stamps for the weight you need to ship so you end up using more stamps than necessary. When you can print your own you can get the exact number of stamps for the weight you are shipping. Members of stamps also get discounted rates on stamps so you end up paying less for stamps even compared to buying directly from the post office.

As good as it sounds the ability to print your own stamps is unfortunately only practical for businesses that send large numbers of letters or packages. The monthly account fee’s makes this method too expensive for the individual or businesses that don’t ship products often. You also need to factor in the cost of the ink used in printing when doing a cost comparison.

Places That Don't Sell Stamps

We know this is a guide on where you can buy stamps but due to the large number of emails we get asking about specific businesses we thought we’d add a section on businesses that don’t sell postage stamps but that many people think they do.


Created in 1986 and with revenue reaching over 14 billion USD in 2019 you’d think Staples would be a very likely to sell stamps.

In fact you can find numerous webpages online stating that Staples does sell postage stamps. While this use to be the case it is no longer true. Staples and the USPS ended their agreement in 2017 and stamps are no longer sold in any Staples stores.


The United States has 3 main postage providers in the USPS, UPS and Fedex. While Fedex can deliver a letter or parcel for you they do not sell postage stamps which are used by what is effectively one of their competitors.

Bank Of America

While there are several financial institutions that sell customers postage stamps Bank of America does not offer this service. You are unable to buy stamps from any of their branches and none of their ATM’s have the option of dispensing stamps.

Chase Bank

Another large banking corporation has decided to not offer stamps as part of their service. JP Morgan Chase and all of their related subsidiaries do not offer postage stamps as a service. With thousands of branches and ATM’s hopefully this stance changes in the future.

Dollar Tree

With over 15’000 stores it’s a shame that Dollar Tree does not sell postage stamps. It is easy to understand why people think they would as their stores stock envelopes, bubble wrap, packing paper and much more. If you’re shopping at Dollar Tree you can buy everything you need except the stamps themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many stamps you need to send a package depends on a number of different factors. The size of the letter or package, the weight of the package, where it is going (domestic or international), the speed it needs to get there and even the shape of the letter can all influence the price.

Assuming you are sending a letter domestically than the major factor in the number of stamps needed is the weight. For anything one ounce or less 1 Forever stamp is needed. For each additional ounce up to 3.5 ounces an extra 15c stamp is required. Above 3.5 ounces you need to use postage flat rates which vary from ounce to ounce with the pricing going up to 13 ounces. Anything above that and you’ll need to start looking at package pricing options.

If your letter is unbendable or not a rectangular shape it will be classed as “non-machinable” which incurs an extra 21c charge as it needs to be hand processed rather than automatically processed by a machine.

If you’re looking for postage stamps and don’t have access to a USPS you have a number of alternatives to choose from. You can pick up stamps (and postage supplies) from supermarkets like Publix and Kroger as well as large retail stores like Walmart and Target. On top of this large pharmacy chains (CVS, Walgreens etc.) are often some of the most convenient places to buy stamps.

Grocery stores are some of the most convenient places to buy stamps. We can’t say with certainty that all grocery stores sell stamps but the large chains do. If you need stamps then head to grocery stores like Publix, Kroger, Winco, and Wegmans and you can pick up some postage stamps while doing your shopping.

Walgreens only sells stamps by the sheet so if you’re looking for individual stamps you will need to find another seller. A sheet of stamps (20 USPS FOREVER stamps) at Walgreens sells for $11. This brings the price to 55c per stamp across the sheet. Postage stamps are subject to availability and are not eligible for “Ship to Store” if unavailable at your local Walgreens.

Finding gas station chains that sell stamps can be a difficult prospect. Many gas stations are individually owned franchises and each owner can choose what their store sells or doesn’t sell. The gas stations Kwik Trip, QuikTrip and Meijer always sell stamps. Most larger gas stations and truck stops will have stamps (and occasionally drop boxes) but it is not guaranteed.

Yes CVS pharmacies do sell stamps and with thousands of locations across the country they are often one of the most convenient places to pick some up. With many locations open 24 hours a day they are also a great option if you’re looking to buy stamps outside of business hours.

Walmart sells everything from kitchen tables to camping supplies so it’s no surprise that they also sell stamps. They sell stamps, envelopes, boxes, pens or anything else you would need to send a letter or package. Many locations are open 24 hours a day if you want to pick some stamps up outside of business hours. For More information visit our Walmart page.

Unfortunately dollar tree does not sell stamps. They are a great place to pick up affordable pens, stationary, paper etc. but to post the letter you’ll need to buy your stamps somewhere else.

Postage stamps have a standardized cost so they all cost the same regardless of where you buy them (currently 55c). The only way to get them cheaper is if someone is looking to sell stamps at a reduced price to clear inventory. Your best bet is eBay and online trading sites like Craigslist but be sure to check the reliability of the seller you don’t want to end up with a batch of dud stamps.

Postage stamps have a set price so they cost the same whether you buy them at the post office, Walmart, CVS or anywhere else. The post office does have the most options on the number of stamps you buy while other locations you may need to buy a sheet of stamps rather than individual ones. Buying from the post office also means you can get the exact number of stamps for what you are selling. Most stores outside of the USPS only sell the 55c FOREVER stamps so if you need to add an additional stamp for extra weight or because the letter is unbendable then the 21c stamp is not available so you’ll need to attach two 55c stamps.

The price for a standard first-class mail stamp issued from the USPS has increased from 49c to 50c in 2018 and is currently at 55c in 2021. When it comes to selecting stamps to buy there are a few options available. Forever stamps are first class stamps issued by the USPS. The benefit of forever stamps is that their value increases if the cost of stamps goes up. For example, if you bought a roll of stamps at $0.49 each. If in a few years the USPS decides that its first class shipping stamps are now to be sold at $0.60 each then the stamps that you bought for $0.49 each are now valued at $0.60 each and can be used as if they had just been purchased for $0.60.

As good as it sounds unfortunately you cannot reuse a stamp. A stamp that has been used to deliver mail through the USPS is unable to be used again to send another letter. When a letter or package is sent through the mail it is tagged with a ultraviolet ink or covered with a franking mark that sorting machines can detect when a postage stamp has been used.

Reusing postage stamps is illegal, not worth the trouble and very likely will not work. For 55c it is far easier to just buy a new stamp. If you’ve got old stamps considered collecting them as a hobby or selling them to an enthusiast.

The answer to this question is sometimes. If you ask an everyday mailman doing a postage run if you can buy a stamp off them then the answer is no, you cannot buy a stamp from the mailman. However it is possible to have him deliver some to you. If you go to usps.com and create an account your mailman can deliver you stamps directly to your door.

If you live in a rural area without easy access to a USPS outlet than the mailman does a number of other extra services including selling postage stamps. On top of that they can also process your mail for you whether it be Standard Mail, Express Mail, or Priority Mail.

If you’re buying stamps directly from the USPS then no you don’t save any money. Stamps have a set value and the post office’s aim is to provide an affordable service to everyone so they charge exactly the value of the stamps being purchased regardless of quantity.

Collectors or distributors however occasionally want to clear stock and will sell postage stamps at below market value to encourage buyers. The best way to find these deals is by searching through websites like eBay but be sure to check the credibility of the seller.

If you’re a company and send a large volume of mail consider making an account with Stamp (www.stamp.com). With membership you get a discount on all stamp purchases but this is offset somewhat by the printer ink used when you print a stamp.

The postage stamp dates back to before The United States even gained its independence. Invented in England and used throughout the English empire the postage stamp become commonplace throughout the US as the English used it to communicate across the country by rail as well as back to England itself by ship. Before the use of postage stamps the mail had to be paid for on arrival to its destination. This often caused payment issues if the receiving party didn’t want or could not afford the package.

When the United States gained its independence on July 4th, 1776 they threw out the English but decided to keep their postage system. The Founding Fathers appointed Benjamin Franklin as the first Postmaster General and it was his role to form and create the new system to be used throughout the country.

The most expensive stamp in the world is the British Guiana 1c Magenta. It was issued in British Guiana (now Guiana) in 1856 and it is believed that only 1 now exists. The stamp has an intriguing history that can be traced back to 1873 when a 12 year old Scottish schoolboy found the stamp attached to an envelope on one of his uncles letters. He sold the stamp to a collector for six shillings. 6 years later the very same stamp was sold for 120 pounds, then later that year was sold again for 180 pounds. Over the next 100 years it has been bought and sold a number of times with an always increasing price tag. In June 2014 the stamp broke all records selling at auction for US$9’480’000 making it the most expensive stamp in the world.

Final Thoughts

We hope our comprehensive guide has given you some options for buying postage stamps. With all of the above options you should be able to find somewhere that’s easy and convenient for you to buy stamps.

While the speed of email and instant communication is good the joy you gain from opening and reading a hand written letter can’t be matched with technology so we hope the postage system will be around in some form or another forever.

If you have any recommendations or suggestions please get in contact with us. We love to hear from our readers and if something needs to be updated on the list we’ll fix it up right away.