Buying Stamps From Walmart – Full Buyers Guide

A Walmart Store

Yes Walmart does sell postage stamps in books of 20 stamps or rolls of 100 stamps. In the tech world we live in today we often don’t think about postage stamps so if something comes up and we need to send a letter or package it’s good that Walmart can help you out. With thousands of stores, long business hours and also stocking envelopes, labels, boxes, tape and everything else you’ll Walmart rates as one of the top places to buy postage stamps.

Types Of Stamps Sold At Walmart

With the size of Walmart stores and the sheer number of items they stock it should come as no surprise that you have a number of different options when it comes to postage stamps from Walmart. For basic postage stamps the book of 20 Forever stamps for $11 is probably your best bet but if you’re buying in bulk (for wedding invitations or similar) then the flag roll of 100 stamps for $49.99 is actually cheaper than what you can buy from the post office.

If you’re looking to add a personal touch they also have a number of different designs you can use including flowers, animals, love hearts, cartoons and much more. These stamps cost slightly more than the generic options but for an extra dollar or two they can add an extra touch of class.

Where Are The Stamps Located In A Walmart?

Postage stamps are generally not kept on the shelves at Walmart but this varies store to store. You general get stamps directly from the register when checking out. It’s generally a good idea to do all your shopping first and then buy stamps as you leave the store. Everything apart from stamps can be found on display in the store so if you’re looking to buy envelopes, labels, pens, boxes etc. then you can go in and find them first and pick up some stamps on the way out.

If you’re in a Walmart Supercenter then the stamps are kept in the MoneyCenter area which is usually near the front of the store. It’s worth noting that MoneyCenters within Walmart operate at separate hours to the rest of the store but they are generally open from 8am to 10pm giving you plenty of time to pick some up.

Advantages Of Buying Stamps From Walmart

Number of locations:

With over 5000 stores across the United States there’s a good chance there’s a Walmart near you. The most successful retail store in the world can be found in cities and towns across the country and they are often easier to get to than the post office.

Extended business hours:

When you’re working full time or dealing with kids it’s often hard to get to the post office during business hours. When you’re buying stamps from Walmart you have longer business hours to work with (although they are no longer open 24 hours a day). A few extra hours either side of regular business hours is a great help for those with limited time.

Open on weekends:

Not only do you get extra hours to work with when buying stamps from Walmart but you can also buy them on the weekends. The post office is open for limited hours on a Saturday and not open on Sundays so if you’re looking for postage supplies on a weekend then Walmart is the place to go.

Added convenience:

If you go to the post office to buy stamps you’re basically doing a trip just for the sake of buying stamps whereas you can buy stamps from Walmart when you’re already there. Trips to Walmart happen pretty regularly (in our household at least) so you can add stamps to the shopping list and grab some while you’re there.

Easy parking:

Walmart stores have huge parking lots so you’ll never struggle finding a park. This is not always true at the post office where parking can be limited or you may get stuck having to pay for a park while you’re in the store.

Cost Of Postage Stamps From Walmart

If you’re buying directly from the store the price for Forever stamps is the same as from the post office. A book of 20 stamps costs $11 which works out at 55c per stamps. A Forever stamp can be used to send one piece of first class mail.

If you’re buying online then Walmart uses a number of 3rd party sellers to complete the orders and with this comes a slight bump in price as they need to add their own margins on top. For 20 stamps online you’re looking at around $15. You do occasionally see deals where the stamps are cheaper online. At the time of writing you could buy a roll of 100 stamps from Walmart online for cheaper than you can buy them from the post office.

Can You Buy Postage Stamps From Walmart Online?

Yes you can buy stamps from the Walmart online store. There is a slight surcharge when purchasing online because 3rd party sellers complete a number of the orders. While there is a slight surcharge you also have a lot more options when it comes to stamps compared to in store. You can purchase postcard stamps, souvenir stamps or large batches of up to 100 stamps. There is also a number of designs you can use to personalize your letter (love heart stamps for wedding invitations etc.). A number of stamps also come with free 2 day shipping if you buy a certain amount.

When purchasing online you can use a debit card, credit card, PayPal or Chase Pay. If you don’t qualify for free shipping you also need to factor that into the cost so you’ll likely pay a little extra compared to buying the stamps in store.

Finding The Nearest Walmart

With over 5000 stores across the country if you’re in a bigger town or city there’s a good chance you’ll have one nearby. If you’re travelling or not sure where the closest Walmart is to you they have made a store locator which makes finding the nearest store a breeze.

If you’re on mobile you can also use Google Maps or any default map your phone uses to see the closest store and also the directions on how to get there.

Frequently Asked Questions

The stamps are not kept on the shelves so if you’re looking to buy some you need to ask at the register or customer service area. If you’re in a Walmart Supercenter then the stamps can also be bought from the MoneyCenter which is located at the front of the store.

If you’re buying the stamps in store then they are the same price as the post office. For a book of first class mail Forever stamps you will pay $11. A book of stamps contains 20 individual stamps so this price averages out to 55c per stamp.

If you’re buying stamps from Walmart’s online store then there is a slight surcharge in pricing and you also have to factor in the cost of shipping if they do not qualify for free shipping.

As a general rule the price of stamps is set by the USPS and all stores that are distributors (like Walmart) sell stamps at that set price. There is also no discount when buying in bulk.

The only exception to this is when a store wants to clear stock so is willing to sell stamps at below market value to encourage sales. When this happens you can often find stamps for sale around 10% cheaper than the USPS price. Look online at places like eBay or Amazon to try and find the deals.

No Dollar Tree does not sell postage stamps. A number of other stores do though so check out our stamp guide here to see a number of stores that do sell postage stamps.

A roll of 100 stamps generally costs $55. When it comes to stamps there is no discount when buying in bulk so you pay the same price (55c) per stamp regardless of the size unless a store is trying to clear stock and selling them at a discount.

A book of 20 stamps currently costs $11 (55c per stamp). There is no discount on buying 20 stamps compared to an individual stamp so only buy a book if you’re looking to use most the stamps.

The price of stamps is regulated by the USPS and authorized sellers (like Walmart) sell at the same price as the post office so it is not cheaper buying stamps from the post office. The exception to this is third party sellers (think gift shops etc.) who buy stamps at the regular price and add a mark-up and resell them. In this case you will pay slightly less buying stamps from the post office.

If you’re buying from the post office then generally no they do not go on sale. Occasionally a store will try to reduce their stock of stamps and are willing to sell them below market value so you can get them with a discount.

Final Thoughts

With thousands of locations around the country, long opening hours and the fact they sell everything else you need to send a letter or package Walmart is one of the best options you’ve got when it comes to buying postage stamps.

If you’re looking for postage stamps then add them onto your shopping list and next time you’re in Walmart swing by customer service and pick some up.