Buying Stamps From CVS – A Full 2021 Buyers Guide

A CVS Pharmacy

Yes CVS sells books (20 stamps) of USPS Forever postage stamps from all their locations across the United States. When you think of CVS you probably think of medicine and everyday items like shampoo but as an authorized seller for the USPS they are also a great alternative to buying stamps from the post office.

Types Of Stamps Sold From CVS

The main downside of buying stamps from CVS over the post office is that they only sell stamps in batches of 20 so sheets and individual stamps are not offered. The stamps themselves are USPS Forever stamps valued at 55c each and are usually the standard flag design.

Forever stamps are valid to send one envelope of first class mail even if the price of stamps goes up in the future. You may not need 20 stamps right away but it’s good to know you can put them in a drawer and know they will retain their value forever (hence the name).

Advantages Of Buying Stamps From CVS

Store Locations:

With nearly 10’000 locations across the country CVS is neck and neck with Walgreens for the largest pharmaceutical chain in the country. With that many locations there’s a good chance the your

Longer Business Hours:

One of the main drawbacks of the post office is there limited business hours. With CVS that is not a problem. At the very least most CVS pharmacies are open late and a number of stores are open 24 hours a day so you can pick up stamps around the clock.

Open On Weekends:

When you’re buying stamps from CVS you are also good to pick them up on Saturday afternoons and Sundays as well. People need pharmacies on the weekends so CVS is a great option if you’ve only get free time on the weekend to buy some stamps.

They Sell Everyday Items As Well:

A trip to the post office is usually just to buy stamps. Very rarely would you go to a post office for everyday items. Pharmacies on the other hand are full of everyday items whether it be medicine or shampoo. If you’re not in a rush just add postage stamps to your shopping list and pick some up next time you go to the pharmacy.

Cost Of Stamps From CVS

If you buy your stamps from CVS you’ll pay the same rate as you would if you were to buy the stamps directly from the USPS. With a set price of 55c per stamp the cost of a book of stamps is $11.

Some other pharmacies like Rite Aid have added their own margins on top of the price of stamps so you’ll pay extra but this is not the case at CVS.

Does The CVS Online Store Sell Stamps?

At the time of writing CVS does not sell stamps through its online shop and only has them available by in shopping in store. Like all stores stock can vary from location to location so if the stamps are essential it may be worth calling ahead to confirm they have them in your local store. To find the phone number of CVS stores near you check the nearest location section below.

Nearest CVS Location

With thousands of stores it can sometimes be hard to know the closest CVS to your location. This is especially true if you’re travelling or just moved to a new area. Luckily CVS has created a handy map which finds the nearest store to your location as well as giving their opening hours and phone number so you can call ahead and double check they have stamps in stock. To use the CVS store locator click here.

Alternatively if you’re on your mobile phone it is also easy to search for CVS either through Google Maps or Apple Maps which will show you the closest location, how to get there and their business hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

All CVS locations in America carry books of stamps (20 stamps). It is worth noting that they are not kept on the store shelves so you’ll have to ask an employee who can get them for you.

Yes both CVS and Walgreens carry books of stamps. Walgreens also stocks stamps in smaller numbers but this varies on a store by store basis.

In 2021 a book of stamps from the post office or an authorized USPS dealer costs $11. This means that on average you pay 55c per stamp.

CVS sells its books of stamps at the same price point as the post office so for 20 postage stamps you would pay $11.

Unfortunately no CVS does not sell single postage stamps. They only sell stamps by the book which is a pack of 20 Forever stamps.

Some gas stations sell postage stamps and others do not. Gas stations are usually privately owned so the owner has discretion on what they do and do not sell. Many gas stations do sell stamps so if you’re looking for some it’s usually quite easy to call around and find a gas station nearby that sells them.

Stamps have standardized pricing so it can be hard to find stamps below the rate offered by the USPS however it can still be done. Sometimes stores looking to clear stock will sell stamps below the set price to increase sales. Keep your eye out on eBay and Amazon for a discount and you can save yourself some money.

Final Thoughts

CVS is one of the best alternatives to buying stamps from the post office. They have thousands of stores, are open long hours and are a store you generally need to visit anyway. They sell their stamps at the same price as the USPS so you’re not even paying a premium for the added convenient.

The only major downside in buying stamps from CVS is the lack of options when it comes to the quantity of stamps. With the only option being a book of 20 it can be overkill if you’re just looking to send a single letter.