Buying Postage Stamps From Kroger – Everything You Need To Know

A Kroger Store

Does Kroger Sell stamps?

Yes Kroger supermarkets sell USPS FOREVER postage stamps in books of 20. They are a licensed distributor for the USPS and all of their stores stock postage stamps. The stamps are not kept on the shelves but behind the counter so you’ll need to ask at customer service or one of the check outs and they will gladly grab you some stamps.

In What Quantity Does Kroger Sell Stamps?

While Kroger has a huge range of products they don’t have the same range of stamps as a USPS outlet. It is worth noting that Kroger does not sell individual stamps. The only stamps available from Kroger supermarkets come in booklets (a batch of 20 stamps).

The stamps sold are USA Forever stamps which rise in value every time the cost of stamps increases. This means that if you buy the stamps now and do not use them they will still work in the future even if the price for sending mail has increased. They also sell first class mail stamps at select locations. It may be worth calling ahead if you need first class stamps to be sure they have them in stock.

Advantages Of Buying Mailing Stamps At Kroger

There are a number of advantages to buying stamps at Kroger instead of say a USPS storefront. Here are a few good reasons:

  • Convenience: We need to visit supermarkets all the time so why not grab some stamps while you are it. This saves us having to make a special trip to the post office.
  • Locations: With over 3200 stores around the country there’s a good chance that you live or work closer to a Kroger than a post office.
  • Business hours: Kroger stores are open for much longer periods of the day compared to the post office. Many Kroger stores are open 24 hours a day and those that don’t are still open late so they’re a great option for bust people.
  • Open on Sundays: USPS stores are not open on Sundays so Kroger is a great option if you’re trying to get your errands done on your day off.
  • Parking: Kroger stores generally have large parking areas so finding a park is not an issue. The same cannot be said about USPS outlets.
  • Rewards program: Kroger has a rewards program so every time you buy something (including stamps) it goes towards rewards you can redeem in the future.
  • Price: When purchasing stamps from Kroger you’re paying the exact same price you’d pay if you were buying them from the post office. If you need a book of stamps Kroger is as good as anywhere.

The Cost Of Stamps At Kroger

As a certified distributor of postage stamps from the United States Postal Service Kroger stores sell their stamps at the same price as the post office. The current price for an individual Forever stamp is currently 55c. This means that for a book of 20 stamps from Kroger the price is $11.

Can You Buy Stamps From Kroger Online?

At this point in time postage stamps are only available in store from Kroger. If you’re looking to buy stamps online there is a large range available from Amazon.

Kroger Rewards Program

Kroger has a generous rewards program associated with a number of credit and debit cards. With these rewards every purchase you make earns you points you can use to save money in the future either on fuel or in store purchases. If you purchase mailing stamps while enrolled in one of these rewards programs you’ll receive the bonuses like any other purchase saving you money in the long run.

Find The Nearest Location

With over 3200 stores across the country Kroger is the second largest retailer in America behind Walmart so there is a good chance there’s one near you. If you’ve recently moved or are travelling and you’re not sure where the closest location is you can use Kroger’s store locator here.

Frequently Asked Questions:

A book of stamps at Kroger costs $11. With 20 stamps in the book that brings the price to 55c per FOREVER stamp.  This is the same price that is charged at the USPS for  book of stamps.

Yes Walgreens sells books of 20 Forever stamps in store. The price for 20 stamps is $11 which is 55c per stamp. The stamps are not sold online and can only be purchased in store however pickup can be arranged with as little as 30 minutes’ notice.

Unfortunately Dollar Tree does not sell postage stamps. Dollar Tree focuses on discount items and as the price of stamps is set by the USPS they cannot sell cheaper than their competitors. To see our full range of stores that do sell stamps Click Here.

A book of 20 USPS Forever stamps is $11 in 2021. The price for an individual stamp is 55c and there is generally no discount when buying in bulk. Forever stamps increase in value to match the price of sending a letter so there is no rush to use them.

A large number of grocery stores sell stamps including Kroger, Publix, Winco, Wegmans and many more. 

In general the large chain grocery stores do sell postage stamps by the book (20 stamps) while smaller independent stores are less likely to sell them.