Buying Postage Stamps From WinCo – Full 2021 Buyers Guide

A WinCo Grocery Store

“Does WinCo Sell Stamps?”

Short Answer: Yes you can buy individual as well as books of stamps from all WinCo locations across America. This no frills grocery store is famous for offering good quality foods at affordable prices but not everyone knows they also sell everything you need when it comes to posting a letter.

Types Of Stamps Sold From WinCo

If you’re looking for postage stamps you can get a book of 20 stamps from any of the registers or if you are only looking to buy a few stamps you can buy them individually from the customer service desk. WinCo is one of the few businesses that sells stamps as both a book and as single stamps which is why it’s rated so highly on our list of businesses.

The stamps themselves are USPS Forever stamps which are valid for sending one piece of First Class mail anywhere within the United States. Forever stamps ever loose their value and are currently priced at 55c each.

Advantages Of Buying From WinCo

Long Business Hours:

WinCo is open far more of the day compared to the post office so if you have a busy schedule or work full time and can’t find the time it’s often easier to pick up some stamps from a businesses like WinCo.

Single & Books Of Stamps:

Not many businesses offer stamps in small quantities which can be frustrating if you’re only looking to send 1 letter. WinCo gives you the option of buying stamps in bulk or buying them individually so you only need to buy as many stamps as you need.

Open On Weekends:

With our busy lives at the moment finding time during the week to go to the post office can be a real challenge. Often the weekend is our only free time and the post office is only open for a few hours on Saturday. WinCo is open all weekend giving you a great spot to buy stamps on your days off.

Disadvantages Of Buying From WinCo

Limited Locations:

The main disadvantage of buying stamps from WinCo is their limited locations. With only around 100 stores spread across 10 states they can be hard to find.

Cost Of Stamps From WinCo

The price of stamps is set by the USPS and as an authorized seller of postage stamps WinCo sells stamps for the same price as the post office. In 2021 the price of Forever stamps is 55c and there is no discount buying in bulk so for an individual stamp at WinCo you’ll pay 55c and a book of 20 stamps will cost $11.

Frequently Asked Questions

In 2021 a book of stamps costs $11 which brings the price to 55c per stamp for a USPS Forever stamp valid for sending one piece of First Class mail.

The stamps themselves are not kept on the shelves of the store so you’ll need to buy them from the register as you leave or from the customer service desk.

Yes all WinCo locations sell USPS Forever stamps either by the book (20 stamps) or individually.

Final Thoughts

If you have a WinCo nearby you have one of the best alternatives to buying stamps in the country. They sell stamps in books and individually, they charge the same rate as the post office and you can even weigh your letter in the produce section so you know exactly how many stamps you need.

The only downside with buying stamps from WinCo is there are not more stores across the country. With only around 100 stores across 10 states they are not a very common grocery store chain and finding one can be a struggle.